Yue Wu

2-nd Year Ph.D.

Yale University


Yue Wu is a Ph.D. student at Yale University, working with Prof. Zhong. His research focuses on quantum computing control system, and recently he is working on realtime QEC (Quantum Error Correction) decoder design on FPGA.

Yue Wu got his bachelor degree at Peking University, joined SOAR in 2017. His research interests concentrated on computer systems, specifically, wireless systems and embedded systems. He developed both practical and analytical skills during the early research.


  • Quantum Computing
  • Wireless Networks
  • Embedded Systems


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science), 2020 ~

    Yale University

  • Summer Research in RECG, 2018 and 2019

    Rice University

  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), 2016 ~ 2020

    Peking University

Recent Posts

Coffee Balance System

Background. We have an espresso machine in the lab and it’s perfect to start a productive day with a cup of coffee! In order to make this sustainable, we have to maintain a fund for purchasing coffee beans. Since I rarely use cash for years, I feel inconvenient to put cash in a jar for every espresso. So why not write an app to keep everyone’s account balance so that we can just click and enjoy the coffee!

My Personal Data Backup Strategy

Background. My backup hard drive broke last week and I lost some pretty good memories of my early software & hardware projects. I suddenly realized the importance of backup data safety. Considering several factors of the files or folders, I can determine the proper configurations of the backup: Update Frequency. Is it updated in a weekly, monthly, or yearly manner? Some ongoing git project can have daily update. Importance.


Distributed Union-Find Decoder

A distributed implementation of a near-optimal surface code decoder for fault-tolerant quantum computing.

Visible Light Backscatter Communication

In IoT scenarios, ultra-low-power (micro-watts level) devices need bi-directional data link with crucial power consumption limitation. Visible light backscatter communication could solve this problem.

Smart RF Table

A table which enables wide-range wireless charging and communication through magnetic coupling. It’s able to power up small gadgets like desk lamp and detect objects with NFC tags on it.