Yue Wu

4-th Year Ph.D.

Yale University


Yue Wu is a fourth-year Ph.D. student at Yale University, advised by Lin Zhong and Shruti Puri. His research focuses on building control systems to enable Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation (FTQC), with a co-design of algorithm, architecture, and system. One of the most challenging system components in FTQC control is the Quantum Error Correction (QEC) decoder, which must meet the microsecond-level latency while solving a global optimization problem. He proposed an extremely-fast, parallel decoding algorithm (Fusion Blossom), and is working on an RTL-level hardware decoder design (Micro Blossom). By building the whole system, he is thrilled to advance real-time QEC decoding research with elegant system design and open-sourced implementation.

Yue Wu got his bachelor degree at Peking University, advised by Chenren Xu at SOAR. His research interests concentrated on computer systems, specifically, wireless systems and embedded systems. He developed both practical and analytical skills for research.


  • Quantum Computing
  • Wireless Networks
  • Embedded Systems


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science), 2020-TBD

    Yale University

  • Summer Research in RECG, 2018 and 2019

    Rice University

  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), 2016-2020

    Peking University

Recent Posts


Fusion Blossom

Improving the speed of Minimum-Weight Perfect Matching (MWPM) decoder to almost linear average time complexity. Furthermore, it achieves embarrassing parallelism despite being an exact global optimization solver

Distributed Union-Find Decoder

A distributed implementation of a near-optimal surface code decoder for fault-tolerant quantum computing.


An educational and research tool for quantum error correction. Everything is visualized, e.g. the QEC code circuit, noise model, random errors, decoding result, etc.

Visible Light Backscatter Communication

In IoT scenarios, ultra-low-power (micro-watts level) devices need bi-directional data link with crucial power consumption limitation. Visible light backscatter communication could solve this problem.

Smart RF Table

A table which enables wide-range wireless charging and communication through magnetic coupling. It’s able to power up small gadgets like desk lamp and detect objects with NFC tags on it.